L.M. started out like any other spiritual mogul; a rough childhood, a series of struggles, and illness, then voila! A spiritual being was born. Regardless of said difficulties she attributes her growth to the burdensome circumstances and the challenging people sewn throughout her life, simply because it built character while laying an appropriated foundation for her spiritual advancement.

This blog exploits L.M. Lepley’s real life experiences in real time. Each series of supernatural events happened in chronological order, one leading into the next. As the blog develops you will see how each happenstance functions as a building block in understanding her life’s purpose and overall third dimensional mission.

Her hope is that others will be able to identify with her spiritual empiricism, learning and growing from it [or with her], and identify other like-minded persons who may be in need of guidance – or at the very least a meeting place. A place where conversations and comments are welcome to conjure a different way of thinking while unveiling truth and the deeper meaning of life, adverse to how we’ve been taught to understand it.

So, why Orenda?

By definition: a supernatural force believed to be present, in varying degrees, in all objects or persons, and to be the spiritual force by which human accomplishment is attained or accounted for. Because the basis of Orenda speaks of supernatural forces that inhabits all living things, it felt like the right title to go with. We are all connected via energy, purpose, truth, and love. Whether we fully realize our inner connectivity or not is irrelevant; we are all made up of the same substance. Regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, class, sex, background, history, or any other category society decidedly put us in – we are one. 



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