Don’t choke on that title. I wanted to grab your attention. Also, I’m kind of serious… but not in the way you’re thinking – let me explain.

I wonder sometimes if it’s all “supposed to be this way”. We fight for change, recognition, revolution, evolution, equality, human rights, open mindedness, and the saving of our planet from surface to core. But I wonder if the suffering is supposed to happen. Like there is an energetic glitch in the Matrix we’ve all been clouded by set there by a higher power. I’ll attempt to explain what I mean.

It appears that it was only when Trump was elected into office that we began recognizing our marginalization as a whole in our society. We didn’t just see oppression, feel sorry for ourselves in some small way, then keep moving through our daily lives. No. Trump’s political campaign and path toward the White House had us recognizing our oppression almost instantly. We acknowledged it, in various ways, and stood up for ourselves inside the parts we believed were unjust. When we did this we created a ripple effect. It spoke to third party business, organizations, and commerce. The Trump Administration at large [hell the government at large] may not acknowledge our cries as we wake up to our own pain and suffering – but business hears. There’s a market in suffering. It yields business and business is money, we as a capitalistic society are driven by this empty force, and so the inflow of it will change market positions of said companies resulting in ad campaign changes, revamped marketing strategies, and advertising alike.

Trump face

It’s interesting because while business does what it has to do to survive and thrive, we the people are becoming inundated with the changes in commercial value. We are seeing a redundancy in emotional marketing that strikes a chord with us in some way, with hopes of maintaining and attaining our business. While this is happening and the exchange of goods and services occurs with a monetary undertone, it’s outlining a shift within society. We are seeing an inclusiveness being projected through advertising & marketing, the kind that wasn’t necessarily there before or at least not as penetrative. Sure, some companies may be capitalizing on the issues we are dealing with at the societal level in this country, but this notion is also doing something it may not have necessarily intended to do; generate a shift in consciousness.

See I feel people start changing when the things they are being exposed to start to change. And the things people are exposed to don’t start changing until there is a driving force that threatens its existence AND/OR parts of society has enough gumption to voice an opinion conjuring a mass of people who believe in the core message of that opinion; thus generating a market within itself.

So now? Now there are advertising campaigns plastered on social media and television screens commercializing inclusiveness, equality, women’s rights, and evolution of thought. Everything from Nike’s pro hijab to Airbnb’s equality campaign are being projected as a “should be standard” in the media. These are what America’s successful giants are saying and while they’re saying it they are not only gaining our business and respect, but exposing us to the authentic changes in our awareness that are manifesting all over the world.

And so, is Source/God/Universal Law [or some form YOU believe in] not at hand here? If there is such a thing as free will, which I firmly believe there is, we can’t be poked or prodded into waking up and making change, we have to arrive there organically; and this presidency was the catalyst to help get us there. Our one true job [despite popular belief] is to evolve into the true essence of who we are; a billion energy light beings made of star stuff with extraordinary power who chose to coexist in this dualistic and humanistic experience called Earth. (Which is a completely different conversation I’ll talk about at a later time.)

I’ll be honest in saying I’ve never been, nor will I ever be “pro Trump”, but I certainly believe in the perhaps mistakable and unintended changes he’s brought to this country so far. His ignorance and disregard for human kind started a fire within us that has otherwise been dormant; so just maybe he will make America great again …. in a far different way than he formally intended.



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