After a few months I was finally able to return home to Colorado. My stepmother finally stabilized and was in rehabilitation, and so, for the time being all was O.K. I was still getting over my MS relapse and while certain things began to normalize, my sleep as I had known it was far from regular. Everything seemed to persist, especially my visions. I thought it would be a good time to reach out to others who could relate or understand what I was going through. And at just the moment I had made the decision to find others, my good friend [we’ll call her “A”] reached out to me. She was a girl I had grown up with at a distance, and by that I mean we went to high school together, lost touched, got back in touch, lost touch again, so on and so forth until this past year. We managed to get back in touch but bonded on a much deeper level than before. It began by my telling her about some visions I’ve been having. And not just the one initial vision I experienced back in Florida. I was seeing visions of eyes, faces, and guides – as I’ve been told. I know I’m opening up to a different level of understanding, comprehension, knowing, etc. I told all of this to “A” who then informed me that I should start a journal recording such things so I’m able to piece it all together and make sense of the symbolism and the patterns.

That evening I  jolting out of bed suddenly for no apparent reason and across the room, with my eyes wide open I saw the tree of life. There wasn’t much color to it, just a shimmering outline of the tree of life. I remember feeling dazed, star struck even at the sight of it. After a few seconds the vision disappeared and I managed to lull myself back to sleep again. Later that morning around 5:30am or so, I had a very distinct vision which appeared behind my eyelids. It looked like a person, perhaps a buddist of some sort, in prayer in front of a sun or some bright sphere. He had what looked like a headdress on and his arms were raised upward toward the sky, then came down into a prayer pose then rose back up toward the sky again. This motion happened repeatedly for a good 15 seconds in an effortless manner, almost like breathing. It was intriguing to watch and provided a sense of calmness, unlike previous visions I’ve had.

The next morning, “A” reached out to me via facebook messenger unexpectedly, informing me that she was prompted to do a mini reading on me with a deck of her tarot cards last night. I remember feeling weary about the Tarot cards. I never used them before, only heard of them a few times, and maybe had one serious reading done in my life at that point. She went on to say that she’s been practicing with them frequently and that she had many decks to work with. However, she was prompted to use a certain deck with me. She states:

“Two cards came up for you. In terms of balance, it’s pointing you towards inner calmness. Use rest and contemplation to find inner balance to see beyond your present state. Trusting yourself and your intuition kinda thing. Both cards literally mean that you have a responsibility to embrace cosmic spiritual growth.”


Holy hell. These cards are nearly the exact visions I had. After reading through her message, I sat there completley astounded and in disbelief. After I came to, I frantically started explaining the visions I had the night before and that these cards eerily coincided. What the hell was happening!? It might not seem like a big deal to some, but when you’re just starting to “awaken” these synchronicities blow – your – mind.

In terms of the cards and their meanings, I feel like I’ve been working on the balance quite a bit but I’m definitely a work in progress. I know I have my struggles day to day, I overthink a lot. And I tend to get super impatient. I do need to be calm but I’m finding my unwavering faith which I’m beyond thankful for. That concept in and of itself is so challenging to cultivate when you’re attempting to break old patterns.

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