After my first real clairvoyance episode I started to feel completley different. It’s like a door had been flung open and someone pushed me out into what was the beginning stages of my awakened state. I began noticing what I formally labeled as coincidences, but really they were synchronicities or patterns that I had never noticed or fully understood. One of those patterns that immediately caught my attention were number sequences. I began to see 1028, 28, 66, and 88 almost immediately following my reading with K. These numbers were literally in my face at one point. On street signs, buildings, license plate numbers, my phone, billboards, radio stations, clocks, and so forth. I felt haunted at first and couldn’t believe how these numbers would pop up at various moments throughout my day. For the first time I thought, “well maybe this all means something”. So I decided to look into it further.

As I was fingering through various google search results on the internet I finally  stumbled across a site that would stand as my guide to fully understanding number sequences. I was astounded how so many different number combinations could mean so many different things. Not only that, but how these particular number sequences I was seeing completely coincided with what I had been going through in my life at that moment, and BONUS, they were being sent from my guides and angels?! Angel numbers? I mean, sure, I’ve learned about these beings in Sunday school, but they always seemed so distant and heavenly – I certainly am not being singled out by them here on earth, am I?  Who am I to receive such divine insight?  Regardless, It was comforting to discover and I felt a sense of resolve where previously I had questions.

Related image
Do you sense the shift in your perception?

Little did I know my thinking was all wrong. I had much more to learn about all this, and number sequences were just an introduction to what I later discovered. I found that I was going through my very first paradigm shift, and that it would be linked to an increase in my spiritual awareness. This meant that I was physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally shifting my consciousness – that my points of view and perspectives on life were beginning to change drastically. This would further explain why I had been “contact by the angels” and how it really wasn’t such a distant phenomenon like I had previously thought. I’ll go more into all this in later posts.


Do you see number sequences and patterns? Visit Joanne’s Sacred Scribes, it’s the site that explained it all [and the one I still use as a reference guide to this day]. Look forward to learning about much more than just number sequences and their meanings. 



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