After that fateful night in the hotel room where I experienced my first prominent clairvoyance episode, I was left disheveled. I had so many questions I could barely wrap my head around the essence of my current situation. Out of sheer desperation I reached out to K and scheduled a remote reading from FL. I had so much going on physically, mentally, emotionally and now spiritually – couldn’t tell what end was up, down or indifferent. I lost track of days and time as I was battling illness, my step mothers inevitable death, and now these new developments in my spirituality.I explained to K the series of events that began to occur in my life. After listening intently she gathered her thoughts and started in with a series of her own explanations.

“I’m tuning into what you saw and I totally understand why you were freaked out. He looks aggressive and intimidating for sure, but he doesn’t have ill intent. He is actually your protector or guardian, a spirit guide, from a previous life when you were a medicine woman, maybe for the Aztec tribe or something similar. He has showed up to remind you of who you were and who you are today; how you’re supposed to develop your spiritual gifts, NOW, and function as a leader and a healer in this three dimensional world.”

What? … My jaw dropped out of shock, disbelief, and a collection of other thoughts and emotions I’m unable to describe. It was a lot to take in at that moment considering everything else I was up against. But a few days later when I was able to grab a moment or two of solitude, I began to research what K said and felt an overwhelming energetic connection to my findings. Not only was the content eerily familiar to me, but the images I skimmed through penetrated a deeper part of me; something I’m not able to put into words exactly. Once I was able to remove the fear behind what I saw, and replaced it with a feeling of protection and guardianship my perspective changed tremendously. The images below are what resonated with me the most.

Image result for Aztec guardian

Related image

Though I’ve had bouts of what I now see as evil or dark, I was starting to separate that feeling with my newly discovered feelings of protection and the unknown. I think our minds naturally go into panic mode when we are confronted with something outside of our comfort zone or realm of understanding. A red flag goes up as if to say “WARNING: UNKNOWN TERRITORY. RECEDE, GO BACK NOW!” While in my mind, especially at that moment, I can completely understand those terrifying emotions – I also encourage us to hone a sense of curiosity. I think when we take the time to dig a little deeper and reach out to others who may provide clarity, we may become pleasantly surprised with our findings. Besides, anything outside of what we’ve been told or taught is going to come across as scary or auspicious, that is a natural human reaction. But that is also the very reaction that we are attempting to ward off. I’ll explain this concept in more detail as more posts are published. But, as always, if you have pressing concerns that take precedent in this moment, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.


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