Previous to 2016 I hadn’t “seen” anything in terms of visions or projections or flashes of what looked like movie scenes behind my eyelids. Sure I had the occasional lucid dream or sleep paralysis scare, but aside from some deja vu synchronicities coupled with the latter I hadn’t experienced anything like what I would experience in the coming months.

It all started in mid to late January. I flew from CO to FL to see my step mother who was in ICU as she was battling lung cancer, or rather the complications that came with modern day treatment. I was going through an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) lapse at the time among other things and it was unarguably the most difficult time in my life thus far. I had spent the night in her hospital room for the first few nights, but my body wouldn’t hold out without a proper bed to sleep in. My biological mother and I had decided to get a hotel room for the next few nights in efforts to get what little sleep we could muster. After the second night in the hospital are when things began to get very interesting. I remember having an extraordinary lucid dream that night. Tossing and turning I began to work up a cold sweat – after struggling like this for what felt like forever I started to see this depiction of an aztec or mayan statue. He looked angry and fierce like a stone gargoyle, but he moved vigorously. At first I saw his face off in the distance. I could barely make out the contours of his face before I realized he started coming closer to me. His pace was slow at first than began quickening by the second. Before I knew it he was three inches from the front of my face and I saw everything in vivid detail. He had glowing yellow eyes and a black and red head dress that matched his armor. I felt paralyzed from fear as he kept looking not at me, but almost through me. “This is a dream” I thought. “Wake up. WAKE UP!” At that moment I felt myself jolt awake, but what I wasn’t prepared for was what I saw with my eyes wide open. It was him! The aztec warrior from my dream, his face appeared right before me, as plain as the nose on my face. He looked even more aggravated than before, only this time he had one hand on his hip and the other shaking his cold stone finger at my face, as if to say “Shame on you. Bad girl”. What the hell was happening; I panicked. I started squeezing my eyes closed and flinging them back open. Over and over and over again for a good minute or so before he [this vision] finally started to dissipate.

After a brief moment of shock I jumped out of bed and turned all the lights on in the hotel room. By this point my mother was flailing about attempting to gain a general synopsis of what happen. I could barely explain it. I felt insane and started making excuses for what I saw. It was lack of sleep, MS related brain malfunction, hallucinations from emotional trauma – something, anything. I was dying for an explanation.

Later that week I took the time to get a reading from K out of sheer desperation for clarification and answers. What she explained was jaw dropping; it deserves a post all its own.



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