Photo Credit: Go Beyond Blog

Long before I made the decision to start such a vulnerable publication I began journaling my experiences, thoughts, emotions, trials and tribulations as it relates to “supernatural” or spiritual happenstance. I was suffering from total disbelief of all the things that were accruing in my life. And I mean everything, from losing jobs and cross country moves, to seeing spirits and sensing energetic fields and frequencies. As a result I began to write everything down. Originally it was just so I was able to recall said experiences and speak to them appropriately if my life ever called for it [almost like virtual note cards], because by this time all the drama would have made for a good book at the very least. But being the Curious George that I am, I started to research and uncover people who have gone through what I’m going through now. And not only have they gone through it, they have perfected their “gifts” and applied it to their life in such a way that it’s as if they had this life mission all along. The way I’ve come to understand it, is, that we were born with such amazing abilities/capabilities and it’s our soul purpose to uncover what these abilities are within us, learn to perfect them, and apply them to this life we’re living. Which, in short would be uncovering and living up to our life mission.

It all becomes much more complex and there are many moving parts I’m still attempting to understand. So, instead of leaving the rest of you to flounder about to piece everything together, like I’ve been doing over the last several years, I thought I would expose this deeper rooted truth and knowledge through my own experiences. Uncovering knowledge and history, then report it all here for all to read and relate to – in hopes that I might function as a beacon of sorts for all those going through their own journey. Finding that there are eerie similarities between our stories. So much, that it would be impossible to deny a deeper meaning to our existence; that the basis of spirituality and inner-connective energy source is far more real than formerly imagined.


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